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Systems Simplified

Jul 16, 2021

Ross Seligman is the Co-founder of Sphere, an innovative tool for the real estate industry that allows agents and teams to close more homes and work smarter, not harder. Ross is also the Principal Real Estate Broker at Living Room Realty. He started Sphere after becoming frustrated when trying to scale his real estate business. Before going into real estate, Ross performed as the Musical Director and Guitarist in the Broadway production and national tour of A Night with Janis Joplin.

In this episode:

How can systems lead to successful growth and scaling? How did a Broadway musician become the Founder of an effective system and tool for the real estate agency? Meet Ross Seligman.

Ross was an overwhelmed and frustrated real estate agent, struggling to keep up with his workload while also growing his business. That’s when he co-founded Sphere, a tool that helps real estate agents and teams work smarter and take their businesses to the next level. With Sphere, he aims to help agents build successful agencies without the software pile-up and overwhelming workloads of the past. Now, he’s here to tell you how and — give you tips on improving your systems along the way.

On this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit talks with Ross Seligman, the Co-founder of Sphere and Principal Real Estate Broker at Living Room Realty. Together, they discuss what inspired Ross to create a system for the real estate industry, the productivity patterns that emerge in successful agents, and how systems promote growth and success. Stay tuned!