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Systems Simplified

Apr 9, 2021

Suzanne Hanifin is the Founder and CEO of Acumen Executive Search, a boutique recruiting firm that helps organizations build better businesses from the inside out by finding the perfect hire. As an experienced matchmaker for candidates and companies, Suzanne thrives on making connections that last. In addition to her work at Acumen, she is also the Co-founder of Leaders and Executives Across Professions (LEAP) and a Member of Vistage and the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

In this episode:

When should you start implementing systems into your business? While systemizing your operations may seem like a major investment when you’re just starting out, it is actually one of the best ways to future-proof your company. Just ask Suzanne Hanifin, who started and scaled her business through the birth of her second child, an economic recession, and now a global pandemic. 

Suzanne’s journey to entrepreneurship is a unique one. After receiving positive feedback from a client, she decided to take the leap and start her own company only days after her second child was born. By putting effective systems in place as soon as possible, Suzanne was able to thrive and successfully improve her company during each external event and obstacle that came her way. 

Tune in to this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast as Adi Klevit talks with Suzanne Hanifin, the Founder and CEO of Acumen Executive Search, about the value of systemizing your business from the start. Suzanne explains how she successfully grew her company during a recession, why systems are essential even with a small team, and how to create onboarding processes that improve your workplace culture. Stay tuned for more!